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Email: Censorship of the KKE Greetings to the CPUSA 29th National Convention

May 26, 2010
Posted on MySpace Gus Hall Discussion Club by the Gus Hall Action Club:

May 22, 2010 6:48 PM:
I just recently received this important e-mail:                                                                                                 "Please give this the widest circulation and distribution possible. Make into leaflets and distribute widely. Post to blogs and on list serves, FaceBook, MySpace, etc. Discuss at Club meetings and union meetings. Please distribute to your e-mail lists. Everyone has a right to read and discuss this most important message from the KKE.                                                                             Those delegates in attendance at the CPUSA National Convention now in progress in New York should use Robert’s Rules of Order and call for the suspension of the rules of the convention for the purpose of discussing this Message from the KKE.                                                                                                                                                                                    Note: This is the link to PAME, the All Workers’ Militant Front, as mentioned below.:
The CPUSA should be fulfilling its responsibility for international solidarity and working class unity by bringing a delegation from the KKE and PAME on tour in the United States in order to build support against our common enemies on Wall Street and the other centers of capital.         We need to know why Sam Webb and the National Board of the CPUSA have been suppressing this message which they received on May 15, 2010. This Message from the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) should have been released to the entire membership of the CPUSA, the trade union movement and the public at the time it was received. It should have been available on the CPUSA website, in the People’s Weekly World and Political Affairs as well as made available to the media--- including to C-Span listeners as part of Sam Webb’s “Main Report” to the Convention which would have been more appropriate than his stupid jokes that were nothing but a distraction from important issues affecting working peoples’ lives.                                            There needs to be a thorough discussion as part of the CPUSA National Convention as to what is going to be done here in the United States in the way of solidarity with the Greek working class fighting to maintain their rights and livelihoods and how the austerity measures capital is trying to shove down the throats of Greek workers is part of capital’s drive to undermine living standards of working people here in the United States and workers all over the world.             Now is the time to vigorously speak up against Sam Webb and the revisionists who have hi-jacked our Party in the name of “new” and “change” and of all things, in the name of “democracy” as they suppress this Message from the KKE and refuse to distribute this Message to all Party members, friends and the trade union movement here in the United States--- what kind of “democracy” is this?                                                                                                                                       Alan L. Maki, Co-Chair, Lake-of-the-Woods Communist Club                                                                           View the Greetings read out at the CPUSA Convention to see the sections of the KKE greetings which was omitted when read to the convention delegates (Start Video at 46min mark) - FOS e-Bulletin Editor                                                                                                                                             

Message to the National Committee of CPUSA on the Occasion of the CPUSA 29th National Convention
Communist Party of Greece (KKE)
May 13, 2010

Communist Party USA,
National Committee,
New York
Athens, Thursday, 13 May 2010
Dear comrades
We would like to thank you for the information regarding your 29th party convention and to extend our greetings to the delegates. Our parties have met in the past in common struggles for workers’ rights, in the struggle against anti-communism, for the defense of socialism and the Soviet Union, for the unity of the communist movement on the basis of our revolutionary principles and traditions.
We are following as closely as we can the developments in the USA, the escalation of the aggression of US imperialism which lately has become quite obvious.  The US is striving to respond to the trend of losing ground within the framework of the imperialist system by inciting regional tensions and conflicts, so that it can take advantage of its political and military supremacy in order to safeguard its interests and maintain its spheres of influence.
In Greece, the working class and the popular strata are facing a barbaric attack, on the pretext of the economic crisis; an attack which has been jointly unleashed by the social democratic PASOK government, the EU and the IMF, with the assistance of the conservative ND party and the open support of the nationalist LAOS party.
The remarkable resistance presented by the labor and popular movement is spearheaded by KKE which continually strives to reveal the real cause of the crisis, the sharpening of the basic contradictions of capitalism. Without the consistent exposure of the compromised and discredited in the eyes of the workers trade union leaderships of GSEE and ADEDY (the national confederations of the private and public sector respectively), without the decisive contribution of PAME (All Workers’ Militant Front), the national trade union front comprised of class oriented Federations, trade unions, labor centers and trade unionists, the labor movement in our country would have been disarmed, unprepared, and unable to fight back.
KKE calls upon the working class, the self-employed, the poor farmers, and the youth to engage in even stronger, more massive and organized actions in order to stave off the onslaught and pave the way for a different path of development. There can be no way other than the nationalization of the monopolies. The working class must take possession of the concentrated means of production and mobilize them with central planning and popular participation. This presupposes a struggle aiming for people’s power, for socialism-communism.
The fightback against anti-communism, the adamant defense of the historical contribution of the Soviet Union and socialist construction in the 20th century, of the identity and revolutionary traditions of the communist movement, take on particular importance today.

As long as the crisis of the international communist movement persists, as long as the situation does not improve and retreats from ideological and theoretical principles are not resolutely confronted, as long as the front against opportunist views that hinder the formation of a single revolutionary strategy against imperialism does not become strengthened, the situation will harbor the danger of an even greater backslide.

The existence of strong Communist Parties steadfast to the principles of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism, with a revolutionary program for the overthrow of the rule of monopolies, for building socialism - communism, is the foremost demand of our times.

We look forward to learning the conclusions and the resolutions of your convention.

With comradely greetings

The Central Committee of KKE

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